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Insulated Patio Covers in Southern California

At a Arbel Construction we use DuraCool. Duracool is a unique blend of technology and timeless design, enabling your patio cover to withstand the harshest conditions while exuding a classic visual appeal. Our solid covers provide a measurably cooler experience than standard solid covers.  Thanks to our advanced technology, your previously ‘hot’ patio will be transformed into an inviting oasis.

We also have quality covers that give you a combination of look, style and shade…highlighted by a casually-elegant design.

Whichever type of DuraCool cover you choose, you’re sure to appreciate your patio that much more, every time you step outside.

Custom Insulated Patio Covers to Fit any Home

DuraCool innovations also include our high quality wood grain texture, which delivers the seductive appearance of wood and the weather-resistance power of aluminum. Not to mention, we have engineered our patio covers to include the option of attaching a fan & light fixture beam to enhance your daytime and nighttime gatherings.

A cool roof will keep your outdoor living space cool because it reflects and emits the sun’s heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the patio below.

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LOS ANGELES Insulated Patio Covers

Insulated Patio Covers

Customer Testimonial

Most amazing contractor I've ever had!!!! They are always on time, reliable, trustworthy and to top it all off their prices are really low. I shopped around quite a bit and we went with them because they were the cheapest and we felt really comfortable with them. They built us an amazing patio and reconstructed our whole front and backyard. I definitely recommend this company and will keep using them in the future.

- Allie A.